Economy and Society, Meeting of the Slovenian Sociological Association

Start: Oct. 24, 2014
End: Oct. 26, 2014
Place: Bohinj
Contact: | SSD
Modern sociology has been analysing the assumptions of modern society and the capitalist economic system since its inception and thus has contributed to the understanding of the embeddedness of economy in society i.e. the relationship between economy and society. Revitalization and use of Weber's and Durkheim's " Sozialökonomik " - the social science that analyses economy, Marx's critical analysis of the capitalist economic system and other analytical instruments offered by the current development of sociological thought are essential for the understanding of the global economic crisis, its implications for social systems and individuals, and emerging reactions and responses to the crisis.

The sociological frame of reference and explanatory methods of sociological perspective offer instruments for an in-depth analysis, theoretical reflection and understanding of contemporary economic phenomena and processes in Slovenia and around the world. Understanding is a critical step in thinking about solutions of "private problems " and " public issues". Therefore, the meeting in Bohinj will be an opportunity to apply sociological imagination to understand the vitality of neo-liberal economic concepts and practices despite the negative social (and economic) consequences of rising social inequality and social exclusion (precariousness , youth unemployment, gender inequality, uneven development of the world economy, changes in welfare systems), environmentally (un) sustainable economic development, culture-specific responses to the economic crisis and development strategies of the various national economies, changes in labour markets and migration patterns and economic implications of recent changes in education systems, alternative / solidarity / participatory economic development models and other phenomena at the intersection of the social and economic.

Invited speaker: Prof. Barbara Hobson, Stockholm University

Lecture topic: »Capabilities approach and sociological models«

The organisers invite you to submit paper proposals for the international panel of the meeting. Paper proposals could be linked to one of the meeting streams or related to different aspects of the meeting theme and the intersecting problems and topics. You will find the list of streams below and at the website:

Abstracts should be about 300 words and provide the information on paper title, contact details (author(s) affiliation, postal address, phone number and e-mail address), main issue to be raised, analysed or discussed in the paper, including a brief background, approach (theoretical / conceptual or empirical) and type of methodology (qualitative / case study or quantitative), main thesis or findings and a conclusion expected from the analysis.

Send your abstract (as word or pdf attachment) to panel coordinators: and

The deadline for submitting abstracts is 1st July 2014

Panel coordinators will rank all abstracts and inform successful applicants by 25th July 2014.
After the conference the organisers will submit a selection of conference papers to a review procedure for a thematic special issue of the scientific journal Theory and Practice (

Authors who are interested in possible publication are invited to submit full papers.
The deadline for paper submission is 26th September 2014

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