4. Register

Publication Year: 28. 09. 2017   Date of last inspection: 11. 10. 2017

Most of the data from the Catalogue of the ADP is accessible to users only after registration. In order to obtain access to data, you will have to fill-in a registration form with your personal information, defined purpose of data use and agree with the General Provisions and Terms of Use in the ADP. To access more sensitive data you will have to fill-in an additional Application to access materials on demand.

Please fill-in the form with the needed information. The fields that are marked with * are mandatory. Based on your request, we will provide you with a username and password that will be send to you on your e-mail address. Further information is available in the »Help with completing the registration form«

Fields marked with * are mandatory. Please fill them out.

Npr.: Kardeljeva ploščad 5, 1000 Ljubljana


Mark down whether the results of your work will be used for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Select how you are going to use the material. You can choose between online data analysis or downloading data. In the latter case you will have to analyse data in a suitable statistical program.


To access data under special conditions an additional applications needs to be filled-in. More on this under »Access under special conditions«.

WordRegistration to access data

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