12th European Social Survey (ESS) Training Course

Start: Oct. 8, 2012
End: Oct. 9, 2012
Place: Ljubljana, Slovenija
Organizer: Europen Social Survey
Course title: Prediction of the Quality of Survey Questions using the program SQP: Improvement of questions and correction for measurement errors


Melanie Revilla, RECSM - University Pompeu Fabra

Diana Zavala, RECSM - University Pompeu Fabra

The course discusses the problem of measurement errors in survey research. It will demonstrate the consequences of the errors in the results of the research. It will also show how large the differences are in results assuming perfect measurement and taking into account the fact that there are measurement errors. This requires that we are able to estimate or predict the quality of survey questions. Two approaches will be discussed. The first is the estimation of the reliability and validity of questions using MTMM experiments. The second is the prediction of the reliability and validity of questions using the program SQP 2.0 which has been developed on the basis of the evaluation of 4000 questions using MTMM experiments. It will be shown how this information can be used for improvement of questions before they are used in the field and for the correction for measurement errors in the analysis of the relationships between variables.

Specific topics to be covered: A simple introduction of structural equation modeling (SEM); Estimation of reliability, validity and quality of questions using MTMM experiments; Possible causes of differences in quality of questions (SQP 1.0); Differences in correlations and regression coefficients across methods and countries; Design of questions using the three steps procedure and evaluation of the questions by SQP 2.0; Estimation of composite scores for complex concepts; Evaluation of the quality of composite scores; Using the quality estimates for correction for measurement errors in analysis.

Deadline for applications is May 21st, 2012.
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