21st International Workshop on Household Survey Nonresponse

Start: Aug. 30, 2010
End: Sept. 1, 2010
Place: Nürnberg, Germany
Please e-mail your registration form, paper abstract, panel session
proposal to NRworkshop@gmail.com. I have attached the registration form
in Word-format for your convenience.

This year's Nonresponse Workshop will be held at the Institute for
Employment Research (IAB) in Nuernberg, Germany. They have reserved
rooms various hotels. Please find all information attached.

Please also note the call for papers at the Journal for Official
Statistics for a special issue on "Nonresponse" at

For this special issue we welcome manuscripts on various aspects of nonresponse, including (but not restricted to):

* Developments in nonresponse research over the last 21 years

* Strategies for reducing nonresponse in household surveys

* Strategies for dealing with nonresponse bias in household surveys

* Trade-offs between nonresponse reduction and nonresponse adjustment

* Studies assessing nonresponse processes and nonresponse biases

* Studies assessing the role of interviewers in the contact and cooperation processes

* Survey climate issues

* Nonresponse in multi-mode surveys

* Developments in nonresponse adjustment techniques

* Developments in theories of nonresponse in household surveys

* Measurement of nonresponse outcomes and processes

* Item versus unit nonresponse
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