Cooperation of an Archive and an NSI to Add Value to Detailed Non-anonymised Microdata. The Slovenian Good Practice

Predavanje na dogodku "5th Conference of the European Survey Research Association - ESRA, 15. - 19. July 2013", European Survey Research Association (ESRA), Ljubljana, Slovenia (2013)

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KOČAR, Sebastian


The Statistical Office (SORS) and the Social Science Data Archives (ADP) are both partners of the DwB project which promotes a more thorough cooperation between European archives, NSI's and research communities. To improve the conditions in the research environment and promote official statistics microdata use in Slovenia, SORS and ADP decided to add additional activities to the cooperation. SORS collects and distributes a significant amount of data and a researchers' need for an additional support has been recognized. Easy-to-use microdata, quality metadata and a detailed overview of available data-sets are needed. Files that a researcher receives from SORS are mostly limited to ASCII delimited microdata files and questionnaires. ADP adds value (1) by preparing microdata in a format which could later be changed to any desired statistical software format, (2) by adding variable and value labels and missing values, (3) by providing additional logical data checks, (4) preparing metadata using DDI standard and organizing all the documentation a researcher might need in one place in the safe room or by the remote access and (5) programming a tool to browse micro- and metadata. Public use files (PUF) will also be prepared by both organizations and distributed by ADP. Additionally, a list of available SORS microdata will soon be made available on both SORS and ADP webpages. Slovenian cooperation is an example of a good practice and should be as such, in a country specific form, implemented in other European countries as well.

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