After Using our research data

Publication Year: 08. 04. 2017    Date of last inspection: 08. 04. 2017

You are obliged to respect general provisions and conditions of use that you agreed to at registration even after using the research data from the Catalogue of the ADP.

  • Citation: you are obliged to reference the data, their original author and the ADP in all subsequent publications and presentations, based on data (for example in graphs, tables, referencing data within text etc.). The used data files need to be listed also in the list of used resources at the end of your publication (Article 5).

  • If you encounter an error or deficiency in the data or accompanying materials, please inform us.

  • Informing the ADP about publications: if you will publish an article or make a presentation, where you will use the research data from the Catalogue of the ADP, you are obliged to inform us of the publication. We ask you to send us a link to the publication or proper notation in the COBISS system (Article 6). Your publication will be added in the section »Connected Publications« on the level of Study Description (see Types of Accompanying Materials).

  • Secure deletion of data files from the local computer: if you have downloaded the data file to your local computer, you need to securely delete it after use or one year after download at the latest (Article 2).

After the use of our data we invite you to actively promote your use and data analysis:

  • Write a short article for our blog, in which you will describe your experience of using the data from the Catalogue of the ADP. We will promote the article through our channels (social networks, Metina lista web page, eNews of the ADP etc.).

  • If you created a syntax during your analysis or created additional data with the help of existing ones, you may share your data files and we will publish them.

If you have any additional ideas on how to promote your use, feel free to contact us!


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