Data Policy Standardisation and Implementation Interest Group - RDA P16 2020

Poročilo "Poročilo RDA P16, 9.–12. 11. 2020", RDA, Research Data Alliance, (2020)


SIMONS, Natasha
ŠTEBE, Janez
GEELAN, Jeremy


The Research Data Alliance Data Policy Standardisation and Implementation Interest Group is concerned with data policy standardisation in particular journal data policies and funder data policies, which are known to promote and incentivise data sharing by researchers. We call for collaboration across the scholarly publishing and wider research community to drive further implementation and adoption of consistent research data policies. Our meeting objectives for Plenary 16 were two-fold: Journal data policies - continue engaging with publishers and journals, in particular with industry associations such as STM, to promote implementation and adoption of standard research data policies - and planning these initiatives in ways that enables measurement and analysis of the impact of policies. Funder data policies - discuss a potential project to examine funder-publisher policy alignment in collaboration with the Research Funders and Stakeholders Open Research and Data Management Policies IG. Research funders and research publishers are key actors in driving the transition towards a research culture where data and other research outputs are FAIR. However comparatively little work has been done to examine funder-publisher policy alignment. This presents a significant knowledge gap that hinders progress towards more consistent good practice in research data management and, ultimately, the shift towards a FAIR research system. In addition to the presentation slides, the Menti audience poll results are also included here.

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