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Predavanje at an event "WAPOR 75th and WAPOR Asia Pacific 5th Annual Conference, 10 - 15 November 2022", WAPOR - World Association for Public Opinion Research, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (2022)

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There are many efforts put into the methodology of conducting a survey. Research is done and research articles are published. However, researchers rarely have the knowledge and in most cases also the time to prepare their research outputs for data publication. Good data management planning (DMP) helps overcome these barriers. H2020 projects funded by European Commission were piloting DMPs, but now in Horizon Europe funding schema DMPs and publication of all research outputs as open as possible and as close as necessary is a must. This paper will present the support and collaborations that data archives are offering in these situations on the national and international levels. Slovene Social Science Data Archives were actively involved in preparing guidelines for DMPs for PhD students at the University of Ljubljana, as well as institutional guidelines for researchers at the Faculty of Social Sciences that will serve as example for other faculties. Archives are offering full support in preparing DMPs as well as with data publication for national as well as international projects. Further on, we made the next step, and are working with academic journals on preparing guidelines for data citation as well as offering preservation of data and documentation that are accompanying an article. This helps put the burden off researchers' shoulders. Their data are now reusable, transparent and replication is made possible. We will introduce challenges that researchers face and offer solutions for them.

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