A Good Practice of Cooperation Between Social Science Data Archives and a National Statistics Office. The Slovenian Example

Poster at an event "IASSIST 2013. Data Innovation: Increasing Accessibility, Visibility and Sustainability, 28. – 31. May 2013", IASSIST, Cologne, Germany (2013)

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KOČAR, Sebastian


The Statistical Office (SORS) and the Social Science Data Archives (ADP) are both partners of the DwB project. The start of the cooperation between the organizations dates back to the nineties. Since then ADP has been distributing PUF micro- and metadata of surveys such as LFS. The cooperation was increased in 2012 to achieve the main goals of the DwB project in the national level easier. As the projects main objective is to assist European researchers in the access to the official statistics micro-data, meta- and micro-data, including the list of available micro-data, have been prepared. ADP will soon distribute metadata and PUF micro-data for the most important SORS micro-data. In the poster presentation I exposed the problems and challenges we've come across while improving the research environment. We commented on how the cooperation between archives and NSO's could be improved and also discussed what those organizations could offer to each other. Both Slovene organizations believe that the cooperation should be extended beyond the requirements of the project and become a part of a long term commitment to assist researchers. So it is an example of a good practice which should be implemented in other countries across Europe as well.

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