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Types of Access to Data and Materials in the ADP


Access to data and accompanying materials is determined in the Digital Preservation Policy. The user may access study metadata on the webpage and through the Nesstar browser. Types of access in ADP are the following:



The access to the materials is completely open, they can be accessed without registration through the website ADP. Users can download the material to their computer, subject to the general conditions of ADP, legislation and ethics.



Standard access includes access to a file for public use, i.e., "Public Use File". The file is suitable for general research use. It allows users to make more accurate inferences about the phenomenon for which the data were collected and to access the data more easily.

Registered User

Access to microdata is intended for registered users who perform analyses either through the Nesstar web interface or on their own computer to which they transfer the data.



Access under special conditions is a form of protection for data files from which it is not possible to remove all direct or indirect identifiers that allow identification of an individual entity under investigation. Special conditions may include

the data may not be completely anonymised

the data file is subject to a 6-month embargo

the file is only available to the research sponsor and original authors 

The material is accessible to researchers for research purposes, and it is not intended for education (e.g. preparation of seminar papers, diploma and master's theses).

a) Scientific Use File (SUF)

Provides access to files available for research purposes only, i.e., Scientific Use File. Access to the data is provided via a secure connection or OwnCloud. The ADP provides the user with a connection and a unique password.

Specific conditions:

  • Registered user
  • Request for access via a secure connection
  • ADP Commission approval
Access provided via a secure connection or cloud.

Registration and application to access the material

To access the microdata, the user must register and submit an Application to access the study through a secure connection.

The Commission for the Protection of the Confidentiality of ADP considers each request individually and carefully examines the content and means of access. The Commission will decide whether or not to grant access.

b)  Secure Use File (SCUF)

A data file containing confidential data intended for scientific research, methods of statistical concealment/protection of data have not been used, so access is only possible in a secure environment. In a secure environment, i.e., in a safe room within the premises of ADP, access to the Internet is disabled and there is no possibility of data transfer to removable media. The use of image and video recording devices is also prohibited. ADP will check the results of the work on the file and only then will it be safely handed over to the user.

Specific conditions:

  • Registered researcher
  • Application to access the study through a safe room
  • ADP Commission approval
  • Ethics Commission’s permission
  • Signed Contract of Use

Access is granted only to registered researchers who have a researcher code with the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS), have submitted a completed Application to access the study through a safe room, have been approved by the Commission for the Protection of Confidentiality and have also signed the Contract of Use.

The Commission for the Protection of Confidentiality of the ADP considers each request individually and carefully considers the content and potential for access. The Commission decides whether or not to grant access.

In special cases, the approval of the ethics committee of the research area or organization in which the user works is required.

Before the user takes the work results out of the secure space, they are reviewed by ADP and examined for the risk of disclosure. Only if there is no risk, the work results are handed over from the safe room to the user.

Sanctions for improper use of data

The user is criminally liable for all actions related to the data. Sanctions are defined in the General Provisions and Terms tab.


General Provisions and Terms of Use of ADP


  1. The terms and conditions are binding

Before issuing a user name and password to a user, Slovenian Social Science Data Archives (in continuation ADP) will verify that the user has complied with the general terms and conditions of use, which are presented in continuation. The user must carefully read the general terms and conditions of use and clearly express his or her agreement with them.

ADP reserves the right to terminate a user's access to the data if it determines that the user has violated the GeneralTerms and Provisions of Use and will notify the appropriate competent authorities of any such violation.


  1. Purpose of use and deletion of data

The ADP assigns a user name and password to a user that are valid until the end of the current academic year. If a user also needs access to the data in the following academic year, he/she must register again.

The permission to access the data is limited to the specific user and therefore non-transferable. The username and password can only be used by the user to whom access has been granted.

The user undertakes to use the data only for the purpose specified during registration. If he/she wishes to use the data for another purpose, he/she must fill in the registration form again and indicate the new purpose.

The user agrees to use the data file for a maximum period of 1 year after receipt of a data file and is obligated to securely delete the data file after use.


  1. Data protection

The user undertakes to ensure an appropriate level of protection for the data during transmission, storage and use. In his or her work, he or she will comply with the relevant legislation and professional and institutional ethical codes of conduct.

The user assures that the data cannot be viewed by third parties. This also means that the copies of the materials will not be transferred to third parties without the prior written consent of ADP.


  1. Data protection and research ethics

The user agrees not to abuse the confidentiality and privacy of individuals or organizations involved in the study. The user must maintain the confidentiality of all information, including when publishing their research results.

The user agrees to comply with the specific restrictions of each data file when indicated.

When using data, the user respects professional and institutional ethical codes of conduct and, in case of uncertainty, consults ADP.


  1. Copyright and citation

The copyright to the data remains with the original authors of the study.

The user agrees to cite the study in all subsequent publications and presentations that contain study data. This refers both to the citation of a source under tables and figures and to the citation of the data source in the text itself (analysis). At the same time, the user must cite the study in the resource list at the end of the publication.

An example of a citation in the reference list (APA 6):

Hafner - Fink, M. in Malešič, M. (2016). Slovenian Public Opinion 2015: Work Orientation (ISSP 2015), Role of Government (ISSP 2016), Mirror of public opinion and National Security Survey [Data file]. Ljubljana: University of Ljubljana, Slovenian Social Science Data Archives. ADP - IDNo: SJM15. Dostopno prek http://www.adp.fdv.uni-lj.si/opisi/sjm15/.

An example of the reference to the source in the text (APA 6):

(Hafner - Fink in Malešič, 2016)


  1. Information on publications

The user undertakes to inform ADP of all subsequent publications and presentations in which data from the catalogue of ADP has been used. This should be done as soon as possible after the event or publication by emailing ADP with a link to the publication or a link to the publication entry in the COBISS system.


  1. Liability, errors and defects in relation to data

The user undertakes to inform ADP of any errors or deficiencies he/she discovers in relation to the data. The original authors of the study and the ADP do not assume any liability for any errors or defects in the data.

The original authors of the study and the ADP assume no liability for the results and interpretations arising from secondary use of the study data.


  1. List of users

ADP stores user contact information collected through the registration form. ADP uses the collected user data to contact and inform users, to perform statistical analysis on the use of the archives catalogue and to plan the work in the archives. The ADP will not share users' data with third parties or use it for commercial purposes.


  1. Sanctions

In case of detected violations, ADP will revoke the user's right to continue using the microdata to which he/she has been granted access and will deny him/her further requests to access the material. The user may also be held criminally liable and compensated for violations.


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