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Katalog CESSDA       CESSDA (Council of European Social Science Data Archives) is an umbrella organization of the European Social Science Data Archives. The Social Science Data Archives have been CESSDA members since 1999. From the early 1970s onward the organization has been trying to improve access to information for researchers and students. The CESSDA portal provides uniform access to various research data and metadata of the member states, including general social surveys, electoral research, longitudinal surveys, opinion polls and census data. Materials contain, among national, also international data of some studies, for storage of which one of the archives, member of CESSDA, is authorized. The portal offers data files and metadata study descriptions, as well as original questionnaires, and for a selection of most representative data files, variables with full-text description are also available. For access to microdata, registration is usually required.
Katalog ICPSR       ICPSR (Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research iz ZDA). Since October 2002 ADP has been providing access to data files and other materials from the largest social science archive in the world, ICPSR – Inter – University Consortium for Political and Social Research in the USA for researchers, professors, and students from Slovenia. ICPSR preserves very rich material of all the most famous continuous research in the USA, from areas such as elections, criminology, demography, and economics, general social sciences, history, pedagogy, and others. It also includes a series of comparative files and important studies from other countries. The quality of ICPSR data is a guarantee for good research and significant publications. More >
Katalog SURS       Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SORS) As an authorized producer of national statistics, the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (SORS) possesses a wide set of quality microdata, listed annually in the Annual Programmes of Statistical Surveys. To access statistically protected microdata, an application has to be submitted in accordance with the instructions. The list of available SORS microdata has been prepared. Social Science Data Archives (ADP) have also been preparing metadata and microdata in cooperation with SORS. The cooperation has been expanding through the common participation in the international DwB project. ADP has been distributing anonymised microdata and complete metadata, now additionally prepared for the more efficient use of SORS non-anonymised microdata. SI-STAT data portal, which offers links to statistical data by subject area or by cross-sectional contents reviews, could also be found on the SORS webpage.
Katalog SiStory       Slovene historiography portal - SIstory, is a web portal for free online access to various digital web published contents. The portal is managed by Institute of contemporary history and is available to the public free of charge at web address www.sistory.si.
Katalog GESIS       The Gesis Online Study Catalogue - ZACAT includes a wide range of social sciences data. The microdata of Eurobarometers and International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) are especially important. The catalogue of national studies includes more than 1000 units. It also provides options for searching among questionnaires, access to statistical microdata, collections of political materials for content analysis, data for historical analysis, social indicators, etc.


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