The ADP Council

Publication Year: 22. 07. 2020    Date of last inspection: 22. 07. 2020

The ADP Council was constituted in the beginning of 2020. The aim of the council is to help ADP to monitor and respond to developments of Slovenian social science community. Respected members of Slovenian science community were proposed for councillors. Their mission is to promote ADP and its activities, to advice and evaluate the functioning of ADP’s services, taking into account benefits of the broad range of users.

The Council of the Social Science Data Archives consists of members:

  1. prof. dr. Prezelj Iztok, Vice-Dean for scientific research at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
  2. prof. dr. Kanjuo Mrčela Aleksandra, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
  3. dr. Šori Iztok, Peace Institute
  4. red. prof. dr. Žabkar Vesna, Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
  5. dr. Sedmak Mateja, Science and Research Centre of Koper

The ADP Council follows the procedures set out in the document ADP Council Work Procedure Act.

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