2. Sign a Deposit Agreement

Publication Year: 08. 04. 2017    Date of last inspection: 28. 10. 2022

The Deposit Agreement is an agreement between the author or depositor of the study and the ADP as its caretaker. The main elements of the Deposit Agreement are:

By signing the Deposit Agreement you authorize the ADP to store and disseminate the study to other users. By depositing data to the ADP your copyright over study materials is retained. The users of your study are required to cite you as the author of the study in their publication. In addition, you remain the full owner of the data.

By signing the Deposit Agreement you warrant that you have complied with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, Slovenian legislation in the field of personal data protection and the rules of the competent ethics committee (sectoral or at the institution where it operates). The ADP saves the received data files as they were received from the depositor, however during the process of inspection the files are re-evaluated in terms of possibilities of identifying individuals. If necessary, the variables that are problematic are deleted or transformed and all the changes are included in the final data file version that is intended for final users.

The ADP provides access to data under the license of your choice. You can choose between three versions of the Creative Commons copyright licenses (Public Domain Dedication, Attribution or Attribution + Non-Commercial). The licenses include the option to adapt materials, the obligation of citation and providing access to adaptations under the same conditions. The difference is the possibility to use the data for commercial purposes, whether allowed or excluded.

The Deposit Agreement includes a paragraph defining the possibility of access to data only for users who are registered with ADP and who commit themselves to respecting ethical principles in the management of data. In particular, each user undertakes to take care to protect the confidentiality of the data in the sense of preventing the possibility of identifying the individual.

You shall list all the materials you are depositing in the List of deposited material and conditions of sharing attached to the Deposit Agreement. For each item of material, you shall specify the format in which you have deposited it, select the access regime and define the copyright licence, in accordance with Annex 1 General Terms and Conditions.


The form Deposit Agreement can be downloaded in pdf ordoc format.


Submit the completed form to the ADP together with all the agreed materials.


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