Technology and Security

Publication Year: 08. 04. 2017    Date of last inspection: 08. 04. 2017

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The ADP is functioning on a well supported operating system and other infrastructural program foundations that are suitable for the data services that the ADP offers to its designated communities. For its activities, the ADP uses the network of the Academic and Research Network of Slovenia ARNES which ensures stable, secure and efficient functioning of the information and communication infrastructure (see General provisions of the use of ARNES network services). The Arnes assures that it manages the e-infrastructure, network resources and services carefully and in accordance with best practices and technological standards, thus serving the needs of its users with best efforts. 

In designing its information technology, the ADP considers the recommendations and requirements of CESSDA (for example recommendations regarding PID and AAI). It follows current trends in the development of hardware and software, which are regularly monitored and updated. Efficient capacities of storage of the entire infrastructure are provided. The storage of data, its distribution and the entire infrastructure of the archive are based on an adapted IT infrastructure, to which only staff and registered users have access. 

Responsibilities regarding technical infrastructure are divided between ADP and the I.T. Department of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. 

For assuring physical storage, the ADP developed a strategy and thorough instructions of the process of making backup copies and the recovery of the system in cases of fallout. Software solutions allow for automatic synchronization of backup copies on a specified backup server where encrypted versions of the data files are stored. The encrypted data files are then stored in three different locations.

Stated goals of long-term digital storage will be reached with a combination of introducing open access tools and by adapting and the opening of internally developed repositories tools to manage processes in the archive. These tools will serve as external support in preparing data and documentation and will enable the rule-based machine processing of ingest.


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