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Our designated communities are on the one hand national and international researchers who play the role of data providers and on the other hand national and international researchers, teachers, and students who act as end-users of our catalogue. Journalists, policy makers and ordinary citizens are considered part of the wider public if they express a desire to use data legitimately and accept the rules and limitations of working with secondary data. End-users need to be data and statistical literate in order to understand and analyse the material independently. This competency includes the ability to independently search for data to address a specific research problem, evaluate the usability of data according to ADP descriptions about the source, methodology, process of data collection, and detailed descriptions of each variable, the ability to conduct analyses of selected data, interpret results, and draw conclusions. The ADP customises access to data, metadata, and other data services to its various target users. Customised views and tailored services are available to meet the needs of different user groups.

By providing training to our designated communities and promoting knowledge sharing through various activities (e.g. workshops, conferences, webinars, seminars, etc.), ADP actively promotes data stewardship, data curation, data sharing and secondary use of data within its designated communities. We actively promote new studies added to the catalogue through blog and social media posts and invite data depositors to present their work to other target groups on webinars.


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Slovenian Pulse 6/2010, Political orientation in Slovenia, FUDS

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