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Publication Year: 08. 04. 2017    Date of last inspection: 08. 04. 2017

Our users are national and foreign researchers, teachers and students, who have the knowledge of data handling and are statistically literate for independent understanding and analyzing of materials. Such literacy includes the ability to independently search data for a concrete research problem, to evaluate the usability of data, according to descriptions provided by the ADP about the origins of the data, its methodology, data collection process and detailed descriptions of individual variables, the ability to make analyses of selected data, to interpret results and form conclusions. It is also expected from users of our qualitative data that they are familiar with the basics of qualitative methodology and that they understand the context of qualitative research design.  

By organizing training for users and by stimulating knowledge exchanges, the ADP actively promotes the secondary use of data amongst its target users. The ADP stimulates also the advanced use of data, for example, applied social problem-solving research or various high-quality scientific studies. The ADP aims to promote the secondary use of data even broader and therefore organizes training for non-academic users. Journalists, policy makers, and regular citizens are considered to be part of the broader public if they express the desire to legitimately use the data and accept the rules and restrictions of working with secondary data.


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