1. Make an Acquisition Proposal

Publication Year: 08. 04. 2017    Date of last inspection: 08. 04. 2017

Before making the decision to deposit a study to ADP, we advise you to check if your study fulfills the following conditions::

  • the study includes data,,
  • there is basic documentation that enables the understanding of the data and the preparation of the data for secondary use
  • the author is willing to deposit the study to ADP.


 The ADP accepts data of quantitative and qualitative studies from the field of social sciences.

The purpose of filling in the acquisition proposal form is to establish contact between the author/depositor and the ADP. The goal is to examine if the criteria for ingest are met – that is the quality of data, theoretical importance and wider usability of the data, etc.

It is advisable to propose studies that are still in progress, as well as studies that have not yet been included in the Catalogue of ADP. On the basis of the cooperation with the author/researcher, the ADP will make a decision whether or not to continue the procedure of ingest.

If the decision is positive, the study will go into the process of preparation and documentation of the data, with the goal to be included in the Catalogue and consequently accessible for secondary analyses.

 We kindly ask you to fill in one form per study


 Acquisition Proposal Form


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