Study Everyday and physical activities, 2012

19. 12. 2013

The main purpose of the survey is to identify the respondents’ attitude towards physical/sports activity and furthermore to identify their attitude towards individual measures to promote these activities. A special focus is given to the role of existing and possible future measures taken by the government. With these intentions, 23 survey questions were set, producing a total of 142 variables. Of 3102 respondents who participated in the survey, 1467 were relevant for further statistical analysis at the end.

The results show that the respondents are, independently of demographic characteristics, at least in some way physically active (percentage of those who declare that they have never been physically active and do not intend to be in the future is actually non-existent). Among the activities the so-called leisure time physical activities (walking, exercising at home, jogging and cycling) dominate. Among the biggest barriers for practicing sports, respondents listed school/work obligations and lack of time and money. In the majority of cases, respondents themselves organize their activities. They state that the role of sports associations is relevant to a lesser extent, whereas the role of government and local communities is relevant to an even lesser extent. On the other hand, the motivating role of the state and local communities is perceived as distinctly positive and desirable and this role would be largely supported in the future, especially in the frame of promoting practicing sports for children and youth, recreational sports and recreational sports of elderly and disabled. According to the obtained data an integrated and recognizable project or a programme to promote sports for all people in the county is missing. Based on the data obtained so far, there are insignificant differences between both genders in the respondents’ estimates. In some cases the differences are based on respondents’ age, their involvement in physical activities and the expressed attitude towards their activities. It would be necessary to explore these findings with a more reliable methodological tool in the future. Based on the obtained data, an upgrade of data collection from an online survey to a classic field survey is suggested for consideration. In that way it would be possible to accurately identify the problematic aspects and to test possible alternatives in the future.

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18. June 2020 |

Konferenca: Raziskovalni podatki in Evropski oblak odprte znanosti

11. March 2020 | Velika dvorana Ministrstva za izobraževanje, znanost in šport, Masarykova 16, Ljubljana

Delavnica: Ravnanje z raziskovalnimi podatki

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