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Publication Year: 08. 04. 2017    Date of last inspection: 08. 04. 2017

After receiving the submitted materials, the ADP will check the materials for their completeness, identification, and anonymization of data. If needed, the variables that represent identity markers (for example telephone numbers, names, and surnames, municipality, year of birth, work position etc.) will be removed or adjusted. After the initial inspection, the data will be cleaned. This involves primarily the appropriate documentation on missing values, checking of frequencies, checking and adding labels, recoding. We use SPSS and Nesstar Publisher in this process.

After inspection and possible corrections, the author/depositor receives the final version of the Study Description for revision. If needed, the depositor adds comments and/or confirms the correctness of the description.

When ingesting a study, the ADP follows two guidelines: saving the materials in a way to prevent their destruction and enabling the long-term use of the study. For this purposes, each study as a unit of data and accompanying materials receives a unique identification number. All the submitted materials are noted down in our database in their original format, as well as in all of the subsequent formats that were prepared for long-term storage and dissemination. The materials are saved in numerous copies. The Study Description is a final document that assures the completeness of the package and the understandability of the study. You may read more about our procedure of preparing archival and distribution copies in our Digital Preservation Policy.

The study is then published in the Catalogue of ADP (on our web page and on the Nesstar Browser). The materials, intended for dissemination to users, are kept separately from the archival materials. All users are free to access non-data materials, such as the study descriptions and accompanying documentations for the understanding the study and data. These materials are available on our web page for browsing and download. Access to data files for the purpose of secondary use for educational and research purposes is available only to registered users.

The published study is registered in the catalogue of COBISS. The studies that were assigned grades 7, 8, or 9 counts as a scientific publication, according to the Slovenian Research Agency.


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