CESSDA Expert Seminar & CESSDA Trust WG Workshop

26  27 September 2018, Faculty of Social Sciences, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Event description

The CESSDA Expert Seminar 2018 (CES2018) will take place on 26 September and cover two different topics, linked by the theme of ensuring common standards:

  • The first half-day of the seminar focuses on CESSDA Technical Infrastructure and cloud computing.
  • The second half-day then examines developing, testing and deploying CESSDA Tools and Services.

The seminar will focus on the CESSDA Technical Infrastructure, the development, testing and deployment of tools and services within the CESSDA Technical Infrastructure and trust support. It will do this by looking at the main features of the CESSDA Technical Infrastructure, the architectural guidelines and quality standards, the testing and deployment pipelines and the implementation details of some existing tools, such as the Data Catalogue, European Question Bank and/or Vocabulary Manager.

The CESSDA Trust WG Workshop will take place on 27 September and will be focused around a round table of technical implications of the CoreTrustSeal requirements, with special attention to requirements 15 (technical infrastructure) and 16 (security).

Aims of the Event

The combined CESSDA Expert Seminar 2018 and CESSDA Trust WG Workshop event aims to improve the skills of our software development community, with respect to Trust-related matters and developing tools and services. It also aims to upskill CESSDA Training in respect of developing and delivering training sessions for technical audiences. It has been prepared by the CESSDA Trust and CESSDA Technical Working Groups, in cooperation with the CESSDA Training Group.

Target group

The event is aimed at the software development community within CESSDA Service Providers and Observers.

Note that there is a limitation of 30 participants for each of the planned sessions at the CESSDA Expert Seminar 2018 and CESSDA Trust WG Workshop.

Service Providers are asked to coordinate participation internally, nominating one or two persons to attend this year’s CESSDA Expert Seminar and Trust WG Workshop.

Prerequisites for participants

Participants are asked to bring their own computers with the needed pre-installed applications. All information about this will be sent to participants via email prior to the event.

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