Social Science Data Archives offer access to data that are interesting for social science analysis, with emphasis on problems related to Slovenian society. Priority is given to theoretically significant and methodologically well designed studies, especially data gathered over a period of time and international comparative data that include Slovenia.

Target users are national and international researchers, teachers and students who are data and statistical literate. The latter includes the ability to search for specific purpose data, to estimate usefulness of data regarding information in survey description, methodology of data collection and detailed content of individual variables, and the ability to perform independent analysis, to interpret results and draw conclusions.

General purposes of use are for scientific reports and student seminars. Data are often used as background materials for teaching and practical exercises with students. In some cases even specially adapted modules for teaching are available. We also offer data related materials, which are useful for designing new studies (e. g., the original questionnaires and measurement instruments), or can assist in conceptual problem formulation for the secondary data analysis (e. g., links to original publications, based in corresponding data source are available).

Users can search and browse through the contents of study descriptions and variables. We offer a tool (Nesstar) for on-line performance of the data analysis, including creation of tables, graphs and other analytical results to be included in final report . By using Nesstar, advanced users will be able to download data to their computers, allowing further processing by means of their favourite statistical package. We also provide user instructions and a guide to further training resources on topics related to secondary analytical approaches. Diploma papers, masters and doctoral dissertations that use ADP’s studies as sources compete for the annual Klinar Fund award.

For Data and related materials not found here, please see web pages of our local or foreign partner institutions, the most important of which are the European CESSDA and USA ICPSR partners.

For data providers we offer instructions and forms for preparing and transmitting data to the archive. We accept data that meet the basic criteria of scientific quality and that contain topics of interest for further analysis. Archived data are regarded as equivalent to scientific publications of ARRS criteria (Rules about indicators and criteria of scientific and professional efficiency, Annex 2, paragraph 2. H.). .

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