CROSSDA archive webinars

Start: May 24, 2021
End: June 11, 2021
Place: Online
Organizer: Hrvatski arhiv podataka za društvene znanosti

Few webinars of the CROSSDA archive will take place in May and June. They will be held in Croatian language. 

1) Pohrana i pronalaženje podataka u arhivu CROSSDA i konzorciju CESSDA (Storage and retrieval of data in the CROSSDA archive and the CESSDA database) // 24.5.2021

This seminar will explain the preconditions for storing data in the Croatian Social Science Data Archive (CROSSDA), describe the storage procedures and present the data in the CESSDA data catalog.

Lecturer: Marijana Glavica
You can read more about the seminar at this link.
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2) Uvod u anonimizaciju kvantitativnih podataka (Introduction to anonymization of quantitative data) // 28.5.2021

The first part of the seminar focuses on theoretical concepts such as k-anonymity, definition of personal data (GDPR) and categorization of identifiers (direct and indirect).

The second part of the workshop focuses on practical examples that will show the basic procedures of anonymization, such as identification and removal of direct identifiers, aggregation of data, generalization and scope limitations.

Lecturer: Vedran Halamić
You can read more about the seminar at this link.
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3) Per Rspera ad astra: Priprema podataka pomoću programskog jezika R (Per Rspera ad astra: Data preparation using the R programming language) // 11.6.2021

This workshop is intended for researchers and students who have little or no programming experience. The aim of the workshop is to introduce the participants to the programming language R, one of the most popular open source programming languages ​​in the social sciences. Participants will be given the basics of the R language, how to load and transform data, and the basics of regular expressions.

Lecturer: Denis Vlašiček
You can read more about the seminar at this link.
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