Online workshop: Putting Data Protection into Practice: GDPR and the DARIAH ELDAH Consent Form Wizard

Date: Oct. 13, 2020
Organizer: European Research Infrastructure for Language Resources and Technology

Humanities and social sciences researchers encounter a number of data protection issues in their work.  An example is scientific events where photos and videos are taken and legal participant consent is required in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Surveys and other research activities pose similar problems.

To address these issues, ELDAH has developed a tool that provides standardised consent form templates, enabling any user to quickly and easily obtain legal consent valid in all of the European Union. This tool is the DARIAH ELDAH Consent Form Wizard (CFW) 

In this workshop, we will discuss the European legal framework for data privacy and processing personal data (GDPR) with the aim of helping participants understand how their research is affected by the GDPR and what issues to pay attention to. 

Topics to be covered include:

  • A question of ethics and law: processing personal data in research, education and cultural heritage
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): basic principles and framework
  • GDPR provisions and exemptions for research
  • Introduction to the DARIAH-EU ELDAH Consent Form Wizard

More information is available here


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