The Challenge of Qualitative Data: Standardizing metadata structures and the DDI

Start: Dec. 7, 2011
End: Dec. 9, 2011
Place: Gothenburg, Sweden
Organizer: Institute for the Study of Labor, Bonn
What, Where and Why?

Calling all DDI Users in Europe who are actively working with qualitative metadata!

A 3-day workshop is being held in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 7-9th December 2011 after
the third European DDI Users Group Meeting (EDDI) to discuss the challenges of qualitative

This meeting is a continuation of the work already done by the DDI Alliance Working Group
(WG) on Qualitative Data. This face-to-face meeting offers us an opportunity to produce a
detailed technical report on recommendations for modifying and improving the current DDI-
Lifecycle Specification, and a best practice paper on using DDI with qualitative data. These
topics cover the second half of the meeting from Day 2 afternoon to Day 3. The programme
details will be developed in Gothenburg.

The meeting is open to everybody interested in contributing to this work. We welcome
participants who are already working with archiving qualitative data and technical staff who
are charged with providing metadata and access solutions in their archives.

The workshop is sponsored by the DDI Alliance and is being hosted by the Swedish National
Data Service (SND) based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Organizing Committee are Louise
Corti (UKDA), Arja Kuula and Jani Hautamäki (FSD), Arofan Gregory (Metadata
Technologies, North America), and Joachim Wackerow (GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the
Social Sciences).

Who should attend?

The meeting welcome participants already part of the DDI Alliance WG who are working
closely with archiving qualitative data. Technical knowledge of metadata is a basic
requirement so you can fully participate. If you are charged with handing qualitative data
ingest, processing, discovery or visualization but are not metadata-savvy, you will need to
bring a technical colleague with you. We welcome technical staff who are charged with
providing metadata and access solutions in their archives.

What is EDDI?

EDDI is designed to provide an annual European forum where DDI Users from Europe can
gather to showcase their work and their progress toward DDI adoption, as well as discuss
any questions or challenges they may have about the standard. EDDI will include
presentations, poster sessions, and discussion sessions. The meeting will close with "meet
the experts" session in which users will have a chance to talk about their experiences with
representatives from the Technical Implementation Committee (TIC) of the DDI Alliance. The
philosophy of EDDI is to be an open, inclusive DDI community-building activity.

When you apply please describe your experience in the area and
your possible contribution.
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