Introduction to Research Data Management for Social Scientists

Start: April 9, 2014
End: April 11, 2014
Place: Cologne, Germany
Contact: | GESIS
Organizer: GESIS (German Microdata Lab)

Are any of these questions relevant to you?

Ever lost research data?

Do you know if your research data is securely stored and backed-up?

Had troubles with coding and documentation of data?

Are you confident you would be able to understand your data sometime in the future?

Considered sharing your research data to increase the visibility of your work?

Thought, why would anyone be interested in my research data?

What to do with your research data after a project?

Encountered data access and version control problems when working in collaboration?

Need arguments to persuade your institution about the necessity of research data management?

If so, this workshop will be useful. Designed to address the needs of social science researchers, it discusses ways to maintain the security and integrity of research data.

The workshop promotes an interactive hands-on approach to looking after your research data and encourages discussion amongst participants on sharing problems and experiences.

Target group:

Social science researchers working with qualitative or quantitative data (principal investigators, researchers who are parts of project teams, individual researchers, researchers working in research data centers, and PhD students).
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