Facilitating Data stewardship in Slovenia

Date: June 17, 2022
Organizer: RDA vozlišče Slovenija

RDA Plenary 19 Co-located Event

17 June 2022, 10:00-12:00 CET

New roles and tasks for research support are emerging in the Slovenian research ecosystem through the implementation of Open Science principles, the increased importance of data-sharing culture, legal regulations and administrative obligations. One of them is data stewardship.  

The RDA Node Slovenia event will bring together members and guests of the RDA Node who will discuss the state of data stewardship in Slovenia, share practical experiences and best practice examples, and brainstorm on how the Node can support future efforts. 



  1. Changes in the legislation (Ivan Skubic, MIZŠ)

  2. RDA sources and training (Maja Dolinar, ADP)

  3. Activities of support centres

              Central Technical Library at the University of Ljubljana (Miro Pušnik)

              Slovenian Social Science Data Archives (Sonja Bezjak in Irena Vipavc Brvar)

              University of Maribor library (Dunja Legat)

              National Open Access Infrastructure (Milan Ojsteršek)  

  1. Data stewards in practice (Peter Čerče, Science and Research Centre Koper, and Matic Bradač, LU School of Economics and Business)

  2. Closing discussion and Zaključna razprava in predlogi usmeritev za RDA vozlišče Slovenija


Participants are kindly invited to actively contribute to the discussion or present practices of their own institutions or research groups. 

Please register here to participate. 

NB: The working language will be Slovenian.