Workshop on Design and Analysis of Intervention Studies

Start: Sept. 20, 2006
End: Sept. 29, 2006
Place: University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus
The course is going to systematically cover our research. We are planning to discuss in the course the following topics: 1) Providing a guideline for evaluating intervention studies. 2) Combining theoretical as well as methodological aspects of policy related evaluation in different policy fields. As an example we are going to discuss the topic of intervention studies in ecological behavior in general, and travel mode choice in particular. Furthermore, we will deal with intervention studies in the field of labour market research. 3) On the theoretical level we are planning to work intensively on the concept of theory driven evaluation (e.g. Chen, 1990) that is the systematic application of social science action theories for modelling the social / psychological factors causally mediating people's reaction to an intervention aiming to change their behavior. 4) We will discuss and apply another interesting approach in this field, the development of the so called 'logical models' (e.g. Weiss, 1995) as the more qualitatively oriented approach of 'realistic evaluation' (Tilly et al. 1997). 5) On the methodological level we are planning to practically apply classical and new evaluation designs (e.g. group randomized trials). 6) We are going to teach new statistical methods for analysing the behavioral effects of interventions (e.g. latent growth curve models, autoregressive cross-lagged models, a synthesis of autoregressive and latent growth curve models).


Eurobarometer 74.2, Europe 2020, Financial and Economic Crisis, and Information on European Political Matters, November-December 2010, EC

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