Start: Dec. 13, 2006
End: Dec. 15, 2006
Place: Rome, Italy
Privacy in statistical databases is about finding tradeoffs to the tension between the increasing societal and economical demand for accurate information and the legal and ethical obligation to protect the privacy of individuals and enterprises which are the source of the statistical data. To put it bluntly, statistical agencies cannot expect to collect accurate information from individual or corporate respondents unless these feel the privacy of their responses is guaranteed; also, recent surveys of web users show that a majority of these are unwilling to provide data to a web site unless they know that privacy protection measures are in place. TOPICS OF INTEREST Topics of interest include but are not limited to: - New SDC methods for tabular data - New SDC methods for microdata - Best SDC practices for tabular data - Best SDC practices for microdata - Onsite access centers - Remote access facilities - SDC software - Estimating disclosure risk in SDC - Record linkage methods - Real-life disclosure scenarios in EU-member states and abroad - Privacy preserving data mining - Privacy in web-based e-commerce - Privacy in healthcare - Privacy in official and corporate statistics SUBMISSIONS Both original technical contributions and high-quality surveys on the above topics or on related topics are sought.
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