Oxford Spring School 2011 short course - 'Analyzing network dynamics using RSiena'

Start: March 22, 2011
End: March 24, 2011
Place: Manor Road Building, Oxford
The course will give an introduction to statistical modelling of longitudinal network data and demonstrate the basics of using the RSiena program, a package in the statistical system R. Information about the method and the program is available at the Siena webpage (http://www.stats.ox.ac.uk/~snijders/siena/). Attention will be paid to the underlying statistical methodology, to examples, and to the use of the software.
18. June 2020 |

Konferenca: Raziskovalni podatki in Evropski oblak odprte znanosti

11. March 2020 | Velika dvorana Ministrstva za izobraževanje, znanost in šport, Masarykova 16, Ljubljana

Delavnica: Ravnanje z raziskovalnimi podatki

13. August 2020 |

ICPSR Summer Programme: Blalock Series

19. October 2020 |

Dogodek: EOSC Symposium 2020

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