Conducting research with children and young people

Start: Nov. 25, 2009
End: Nov. 26, 2009
Organizer: NatCen Learning
The perspectives of children and young people have been of keen interest to social researchers for some years, and more recently there has been an increasing commitment by local and central government to consult children and young people about the policies that affect their lives. This two-day course will introduce the key theoretical and methodological issues involved in conducting social research with children and young people and equip delegates with the basic tools for conducting high quality research in this area.

Course content covers:
* planning and designing research with children and young people
* legal and ethical issues relating to research with children and young people
* strategies for involving children and young people in research
* designing questionnaires for children and young people
* qualitative approaches to research with children and young people.

The course will combine teaching and interactive practical sessions, allowing delegates to reflect on and apply the issues presented by the various speakers. For example, practical sessions will involve designing questions for a survey for use with children; considering the ethical issues associated with carrying out a hypothetical research study or suggesting appropriate data collection techniques for conducting qualitative research with young people. Delegates are encouraged to bring their own experience to the table, and there will opportunities for raising queries and concerns relating to their own work.
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