2nd International Multi-Conference on Engineering and Technological Innovation

Start: July 10, 2009
End: July 13, 2009
Place: Orlando, Florida, USA
Engineering activities are based on the development of new Knowledge (scientia), new 'made things' (techné) and/or new ways of working and doing (praxis). Scientia, Techné and praxis are three important dimensions of a comprehensive conception of Engineering as a whole. Engineering, as Scientia, is mostly developed in academia; as techné is practiced in industry generating technological innovations; and as praxis is carried out in technical and non-technical organizations, supporting managerial activities and technical procedures, via methodical and methodological design and implementation. This is why Engineering provides one of the most solid academic and professional substrata for bridging among Universities, industries and governments.

Publications and conferences related to Engineering are usually oriented to one of its three dimensions. While this is an adequate thing to do when disciplinary focus is sought, it does not represent Engineering as a whole and it misses the very important synergic relationships among the three kinds of engineering activities mentioned above. This is why a group of scholars, professionals and consultants, in the field of engineering, considered the possibility of initiating a publishing process and organizing a conference where presentations will not be reduced to one of the Engineering's dimensions, but to foster the participation of academics, practitioners and managers in the three dimensions of Engineering, in the same conference, or in the same publication, so they can synergistically interact with each other. A consequence of this purpose is the organization of IMETI 2009, and the publication of multiple-author books series, where submissions will be accepted for the presentation of:

New knowledge (Engineering as Scientia);
New products and services, i.e. technological innovations (Engineering as techné);
New technical and managerial methods and methodologies (Engineering as praxis);
New meta-engineering (Engineering of Engineering activities) knowledge, innovations and methodologies.
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