Research Data Management, Access and Use of Secondary Data (CANCELED)

Start: June 27, 2016
End: July 1, 2016
Place: Kardeljeva ploščad 5, Ljubljana
Organizer: Univerza v Ljubljani, Fakulteta za družbene vede
The training provides students with awareness of the different aspects involved in Research Data Management planning and implementation, as well as issues related to digital curation. Topics covered: 1) Research Data Management (Introduction to RDM Policies: international perspective, funders views, overview of data services and infrastructure available / DMP: benefits of planned research, funders requirements / DMP: selecting repository, criteria for deposit / Introduction to RDM tools / Developing DMP), 2) Legal and Ethical Issues (Introduction: Open access to data in research with people as participants / Legal and ethical issues / Consent, Anonymisation, Access regulation / Developing consent form / Anonymising your data), 3) Preparing Data and Documentation for Digital Curation, 4) Access and Use of Secondary Data.

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Registration for LJMS is now open for the first time. Please register before 13 May 2016, final day for registration is 20 June 2016