Digital Preservation Management: Implementing Short-term Strategies for Long-term Problems

Start: May 3, 2009
End: May 8, 2009
Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Contact: Application Form
Organizer: Inter-University consortium for political and social research
ICPSR, the world's largest archive of social science data and part of the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, is pleased to continue the digital preservation training program developed at Cornell University. The workshop series is intended for managers who are or will be responsible for digital preservation programs in libraries, archives, and other cultural institutions. The goals of the workshop are to foster critical thinking in a technological realm and provide the means for exercising practical and responsible stewardship of digital assets in an age of technological uncertainty.

Workshop attendees participate in an interactive process to develop digital preservation plans that incorporate technical, financial, organizational, and policy aspects encompassing the full life cycle of digital objects. The resulting organization-specific digital preservation plans stresses short-term risk reduction strategies while research and development goes forward in creating longer-term solutions that can be incorporated into the program framework. The workshop includes presentations, group discussions, labs, individual assignments, and a keynote presentation by an international expert in digital presentation.
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