Structural Equation Modelling for Cross-Sectional and Panel Data

Start: Sept. 16, 2009
End: Sept. 18, 2009
Place: Southampton (UK)
Organizer: Courses In Applied Social Surveys
This course starts by introducing the principles and foundational ideas of structural equation modeling, in particular for cross-sectional data, before focusing on the use of these models to analyse panel data. Topics will include: simplex models; cross-lagged panel models, latent curve analysis, multiple group models, growth mixture models and parallel process models.

Course Objectives:
To provide an introduction to structural equation modeling.
To introduce course participants to the principles of structural equation modelling for cross-sectional data
To introduce methods for analysing panel data from a structural equation modeling perspective.

This course will include the following topics:
Introduction to structural equation modeling
Cross-lagged panel models
Latent curve analysis
Mediation models
The methods will be illustrated and compared using analyses of attitudes collected in the British Household Panel Survey and the British Election Panel Survey. The course will have a strong practical emphasis, with regular computing sessions enabling participants to work through examples using commercially available software. The main software to be used during the course is Amos.

Target Audience:
The course is aimed at researchers, especially those in the social, economic, educational and medical sciences, who wish to familiarise themselves with structural equation modeling, particularly with the aim of analysing panel survey data. Participants should already be familiar with basic statistical theory, including inference and multiple linear regression and should have some knowledge of longitudinal data analysis.

Participants on this course should have prior statistical knowledge of probability theory, the principles of statistical inference, and linear regression (up to the level of Survey Data Analysis II). Familiarity with longitudinal data analysis would be an advantage, though not a prerequisite. No prior knowledge of Structural Equation Modeling software will be assumed.

The Instructor:
Patrick Sturgis is a Professor at the Division of Social Statistics at the University of Southampton.

Course Fee:
£25 per day for UK-registered students. £50 per day for staff from UK academic institutions (including research centres), ESRC funded researchers and registered charity organizations. £195 per day for all other participants. The course fee includes course materials, lunches and morning and afternoon tea, but not accommodation and travel which is to be arranged by the participant.

Preparatory Reading:
For participants who wish to do background reading, the following references may be useful. Please note that although reading is optional, participants who have little statistical background on modelling panel data are strongly advised to look at some of these references.
Finkel, S. (1995) Causal Analysis with Panel Data. London: Sage.
Loehlin J. C. (1987) Latent Variable Models: An Introduction to Factor, Path, and Structural Analysis. Hillsdale, H.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
Bollen, K. A. and Curran, P. J. (2006) Latent Variable Models: A Structural Equation Perspective. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley.

Deadlines and Refunds:
Course places are limited and early registration is recommended. Payment must be made when submitting the registration form. Refunds for cancellation are as follows. Full refund for cancellation one calendar month before the course, no refunds can be made for cancellations after this date. In case of cancellation an administration charge of £30 will apply.


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