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Publication Year: 08. 04. 2017    Date of last inspection: 08. 04. 2017

« Research data constitute primary sources that underpin scientific research and enable derivation of theoretical or applied findings.«

Štebe, Bezjak and Vipavc Brvar: Preparing research data for open access, Guide for data producers (2015)

Studies in the Catalogue of the ADP include data, metadata, and accompanying materials, needed for the understanding of the content of the study, its methodology and the creation of data. Study descriptions are made in a uniform way, using elements of the international specification DDI-C

The primary role of data centres, such as the ADP, is preservation and dissemination of data and accompanying materials for the needs of secondary use.

In order to use data as widely as possible, the ADP follows the FAIR principles:

F - Findable: data may be found,

A - Accessible: data is accessible,

I - Interoperable: data may be linked to other data,

R- Re-usable: data may be reused.


In the Catalogue of the ADP studies that cover different topic fields are included. Data can be used for disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, at a specific time point or for the needs of longitudinal research and interconnection with other data sources (for example administrative data).

More about topic fields, types of data and accompanying materials, accessible at the ADP, can be read on the following pages. Learn about how to search, access studies, what are the possibilities of reusing the studies and what are the possible limitations of using individual studies.


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