4. Current Studies on COVID-19

Publication Year: 24. 11. 2020    Date of last inspection: 24. 11. 2020

For a better overview of the current research, ADP has been tracking the ongoing studies in Slovenia with data on COVID-19 that will be accessible in the ADP’s catalogue. List is regularly updated.

For a comprehensive overview of COVID-19 research, see the COVID-19 Data Portal Slovenia:

With the COVID-19 themed collection, ADP has been collaborating on the Slovenian COVID-19 data portal. The portal offers information, instructions, tools and services for researchers who want to use Slovenian and European COVID-19 infrastructure and contribute data to the European COVID-19 Data Portal. ADP is the collaborator for the content on the social perspective and for the common open science framework of the portal in alignment with the FAIR principles. The work is founded on the Recommendations and Guidelines on Data Sharing by the Research Data Alliance (more on this in the Deposit data on COVID-19 chapter).

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