Use and importance of our data

Publication Year: 08. 04. 2017    Date of last inspection: 08. 04. 2017

The data need to usable for our users. The importance of our catalogue and its use is visible through following registration of our users and conducting surveys (when registering for workshops, after workshops, amongst registered users). One of such surveys is the recent User Satisfaction Survey (2016).

Amongst the most prominent users of data holdings of the ADP are researchers and students, a smaller part of users come from other organizations. Therefore, a conclusion can be made that the data holdings of the ADP are mainly used for scientific and research activities as well as educational purposes.

Data from the ADP are usually used for seminar work, scientific publication or as an addition to lectures and practical exercises with students – in some cases, adjusted modules for teaching are provided, for example, the use of data from the Labour Force Survey. The ADP offers study and data related materials to its users, which may be used to develop new studies (for example original questionnaires and collections of indicators for measurement of established theoretical concepts from scientific literature) or to form theoretical grounds of interpreting data (for example titles of publications, based on a certain data source).

With the intention to further stimulate the secondary use of data from the ADP, a special Klinar Award is annually given to an undergraduate, graduate work or doctoral dissertation that use data from the ADP as a primary source and was defended at the Faculty of Social Sciences.


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