Why Deposit Study to ADP?

Publication Year: 08. 04. 2017    Date of last inspection: 08. 04. 2017

The Social Science Data Archive (ADP) provides the disciplinary data centre services for social sciences in Slovenia. The advantages of depositing your studies to the ADP are, among others, the following:


ADP evaluates the importance of research data for science and their long-term usability. Acquired data are acknowledged as a scientific publication in their own right and represent a basis for quantitative assessments of scientific excellence in accordance with the criteria of the Slovenian Research Agency.
Adopts an acknowledged digital curation approach. ADP follows the approach of data centres in the field of long-term preservation of data, in accordance with the international reference model OAIS and principles of requirements of Trustworthy Data Archives.
Provides access to data and enables searching and browsing through standard data descriptions for the purposes of discovery. ADP provides advice and training to its users. Data made available in the catalogue represent a basis for citation in reference lists. Registered users are obliged to make reference to the data in their publication. Users are instructed about how to cite data at the point of access.
Offers support with data management planning and preparation of data for open access. ADP is actively involved both nationally and internationally in the field of opening up research data. Based on the experience and demands, the ADP offers research data management counseling and assists users in preparing data for open access.

More on the benefits of open access is available under the section Why Open Data?.


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