Deposit Data on COVID-19

Publication Year: 24. 11. 2020    Date of last inspection: 24. 11. 2020

ADP invites researchers, research agencies and journalists who collect data themselves to collaborate on the thematic collection and contribute to a faster and deeper understanding of the effect of the virus on the social life and individuals.

Priority procedure and quick access to data

Studies on COVID-19 will be processed as matter of priority, following a fast-track procedure without a detailed quality check to open them to researchers as soon as possible.
Some highlights:

  • Researchers enter the information on the study into the Acquisition Proposal Form on ADP’s webpage or contact ADP via e-mail or telephone (see contact info).
  • ADP establishes contact with the researchers and arranges a fast transfer of the materials through a secure connection.
  • ADP examines the study material with a fast-track procedure and starts the archiving procedure. Before the publication, ADP might ask the authors for additional explanations or information.
  • Studies of the highest quality according to ADP’s criteria will be considered for long-term preservation and can, with the authors’ permission, become part of ADP’s catalogue (requiring a longer archiving process that results in a data publication).
  • ADP supports the researchers at all steps as needed.

Guidelines for sharing data on COVID-19

More on the COVID-19 data collection.
Link to ADP Catalogue.

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