I. Discovery and Planning

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Typical activities within Discovery and Planning Phase are:

  • research design (development of the research idea)
  • research data management planning
  • planning of data collecting, preparation of protocols and forms
  • searching and validating existing data


It is important to assure that research data are properly managed already in the discovery and planning phase in order to assure access to quality data. Research Data Management planning is intended to assure such quality data, since it includes care for the quality in collecting data, selecting data of long-term value and care for their long-term access.

The result of such a plan is a data publication in a data centre that is being reused by others and cited as a scientific reference in subsequent publications.


Research Data Management Plan

Laurence Horton, ADP course for doctoral students, Ljubljana 2015



During the entire research process, a special care needs to be given to the highest level of quality of the created research data. This includes the following aspects of preparing and conducting research:

  • caring for the quality at conceptualization, sampling, questionnaire design or designing the protocol of data collection,
  • caring for the quality at collecting or creating data and preparing data for analysis, and
  • caring for current and final documentation of the data and preparation of metadata for ingest.



The CESSDA Social Science Data Archives have developed an online Data Management Expert Guide and a DMP-checklist (questionnaire ) following the chapters of the guide. The questionnaire "Adapt your Data Management Plan” is also available in Slovenian “Pripravite načrt za ravnanje s podatki”. These two documents intend to guide researchers and students in the preparation of research data management plans in the social sciences. The Slovenian version of a questionnaire can be viewed in the window below.

Vaš brskalnik ne podpira PDF prikaza. Dokument lahko prenesete tukaj: Prenesi PDF.

For downloading in .docx formats these are available here:

Editable form in English

Editable form in Slovenian

For a better understanding, the document "Data management planning themes" (2016) is also available.

Among the many different DMPs, it is worth highlighting the form prepared by Science Europe, of which Slovenian research funding agency (ARRS) is a member. The form is suitable for all scientific fields, and instructions for completing the form and for evaluating the forms are provided. More information at the link.

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