Reinventing the Popular Meaning of Democracy in the Times of Crisis in European Periphery

Predavanje at an event "The conference ESA 2013 - Crisis. Critique and Change, 28. - 30. August 2013", European Sociological Association (ESA), Torino, Italy (2013)

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ŠTEBE, Janez


The study extends on classical Lipset’s definition of the perceived legitimacy of the democratic political system, that is built on feeling of justice that certain procedures and institutions provides and is congruent with the prevailing values of freedom. We compared this with the equally important and widespread support base which understands democracy in terms of egalitarian values. Using available recent data from a comparative surveys (European social survey and World Values Survey carried out in 2012), we confirmed that support for democracy per se is largely dependent on the “liberal” or procedural understanding, while the support it derives from those with egalitarian priorities is more ambivalent….

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