Essentials of Survey Design and Implementatio

Start: Jan. 20, 2010
End: Jan. 22, 2010
Place: Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Organizer: Courses In Applied Social Surveys
This course focuses on the design and implementation of quantitative social surveys (excluding the design of questionnaires which is covered in a separate course). Topics include project management, quality, ethical and reporting issues; guidelines for understanding interviewer vs. self-completion implementation concerns; ways to minimise nonresponse before it happens; various issues in survey sampling and an introduction to weighting; principles of data coding and processing, and an introduction to the ESRC Question Bank.

The course will cover the quantitative survey process from initial design through data processing (excluding the design of questionnaires which will be covered in a separate course). Topics covered include:

* Planning, budgeting, timetabling and management of surveys

* Selecting a mode of data collection (e.g., face-to-face, telephone, postal, web)

o The role of the interviewer and how to do quantitative interviewing

o Implementing and monitoring self-completion surveys

* Calculating a response rate and ways to minimise nonresponse before it happens

* Basic principles of survey sampling: types of sample designs (probability and non-probability), sampling frames, sampling error, calculating sample size, and an introduction to weighting

* Principles of manual coding and editing of survey data, computer editing and preparing data for analysis

* Sources of non-sampling error in survey data, ways of assessing them and ways of minimising error

* Tips on report writing

* Relations with stakeholders in the sponsored survey process; issues in survey ethics

* An introduction to the Question Bank

The course will have two strands. The first will consider the survey literature and the theoretical underpinnings of survey research. The second will examine survey research from a more informal and practical perspective. It will involve group discussions and tutored workshops and focus on those aspects of survey implementation that are often not taught in formal courses.


Course Fee:
£30 per day for UK-registered students. £60 per day for staff from UK academic institutions (including research centres), ESRC funded researchers and registered charity organizations. £220 per day for all other participants. The course fee includes course materials, lunches and morning and afternoon tea, but not accommodation and travel which is to be arranged by the participant.


Slovenian Public Opinion 2020/1, Mirror of Public Opinion, Life and attitudes during the COVID-19 epidemic, CJMMK

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