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 Who can access data?

Research data, preserved by the ADP, are accessible to all interested researchers who register at the ADP (here or when you get to a point when a registration is needed in order to access data). Studies distinguish between themselves concering terms of access. Most studies are available under the CC-BY license (Attribution). More on terms of access can be read in our policy of access.


 Are research data available for all the published studies in the Catalogue?

For most studies, included in the Catalogue of the ADP, research data is available. Occasionally, a study may have a temporary embargo or in some cases, an additional request to the author of the study will be needed in order to access data.

List of studies in the Catalogue of the ADP on the web page includes also some studies, which do not have data accessible through the ADP. Users may access research data of such studies elsewhere. These are international studies, accessible through international archives and less anonymized data from SORS. In rare cases, mostly in older studies, it may happen that a data file does not exist and only a study description, questionnaire and/or variable frequencies are available for access.


 Where to find studies?

List of all studies, preserved by the ADP, can be found on the web page Studies can be listed according to:

  • Study ID,
  • Topic Fields: studies listed according to topic classifications,
  • Series: studies listed according to series.

When clicking an individual study, a view of four tabs opens:

  • Study Description: a basic description of the study (authors, keywords, topic fields) and methodological information (collection date, geographic coverage, the universe, sampling procedure etc.).
  • Data Description: information on the data file and frequencies of distribution of individual variables in the data file, together with question texts and answers.
  • Accompanying materials (for example questionnaire and various publications).
  • Nesstar Browser (link to the study on the Nesstar browser where there is a possibility to download the full study description and/or data file – not available for all studies in the Catalogue of the ADP).

Studies can be viewed and analyzed also on the Nesstar browser. You can read more about viewing studies on the web page and on Nesstar browser in section 2. Understand descriptions in the catalogue.


 Is registration needed to view studies?

In order to view study descriptions, data descriptions (metadata) and answers of individual questions (frequencies) as well as accompanying materials, a registration is not needed.


 When do I need to register?

You will need to register in order to download data on your local computer and analyze it in a selected statistical software or when you will want to analyze data online on the Nesstar browser. For accessing study descriptions, data descriptions (metadata) and viewing the accompanying materials, you will not need to register.


  How to cite this page?

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