Mojca Kotar is the Assistant Secretary General for Library Activities at the University of Ljubljana, working in the following fields: higher education libraries, information sources and open access in science.
Janez Štebe, assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, who will be in charge for the project, is the Head of the ADP. He presented numerous articles to promote secondary analysis of survey data in archive holdings. He is also partially engaged as a researcher and is a member of Public Opinion and Mass Communication Research Centre research group, the leading academic survey research center in Slovenia, since 1989. He participated in numerous international and national projects on research data infrastructures, and advises on digital preservation and open access policy issues.
Angus Whyte, Digital Curation Centre, is a Senior Institutional Support Officer at the Digital Curation Centre, University of Edinburgh. He provides advice and consultancy to UK higher education institutions to help them develop services for research data management. Angus's background is in social informatics research, gaining his PhD in Information Science from University of Strathclyde in 1998. He has particular interests in 'soft' infrastructure development for research data management support and data publishing. He has authored a range of guidance publications most recently on the topics of data appraisal, data repository selection, and requirements gathering. Previously Angus carried out research on technology applications in the context of public engagement in policy making.
Martin Donnelly, Digital Curation Centre, is Senior Institutional Support Officer at the UK's Digital Curation Centre (DCC), based at the University of Edinburgh. His major interests are data management planning and policy, open government data, and arts and humanities data management. He authored a book chapter on data management planning (in Pryor (ed.) (2012) Managing Research Data, London:Facet), and was co-author of the DCC's original Checklist for a Data Management Plan. He also designed and project managed the first iterations of the DCC's DMPonline tool, and was a founder member of of the US DMPTool consortium. Martin sits on the Advisory Board for Databib (which recently announced its merger with re3data), is Secretary to the UK CODATA national committee, and coordinates the UK's biannual Research Data Management Forum meetings.
Sonja Bezjak is employed in ADP since 2012 as an expert assistant. She is primarily engaged with issues related to open access to research data. She is a co-author of ‘Open data. Action Plan for the Establishment of a System of Open Access to Publicly Funded Research Data in Slovenia’ (2013), she participated in organizing open data workshops, where she presented several topics related to: research data policy, data citation, data journals, research data management planning in Slovenia etc. She is also actively participating in ADP team for education and training of users and depositors of research data.
Irena Vipavc Brvar is employed in ADP as an expert assistant since 2002. She is primarily engaged with users / depositors relations, having workshops about access to research data of high quality in domestic and international data catalogues, data management planning etc. One of her responsibilities is also to teach younger generations of archivist in Slovenia and other East European Countries (SERSCIDA project) about preparing descriptions of studies. She is involved in larger projects such as preparation of data files and documentation of surveys from Statistical Office of Slovenia, preparation of materials from ADP for long-term preservation in collaboration with the team at National and University Library of Slovenia. She is also teaching assistant at ECPR summer school at the course Multivariate statistical analysis and comparative cross-national surveys data, co-organizer of yearly international conference Applied Statistics and member of executive board of Slovene Statistical Society.
Veerle Van den Eynden, UK Data Service, manages the Research Data Management team at the UK Data Archive, University of Essex, a centre of expertise for the curation and sharing of digital research data for the social sciences. Her team provides expertise, guidance and training on data management and sharing to researchers across the UK (and beyond), to promote good data practices and optimise data sharing. The team also coordinates the archiving and sharing of research data as part of the UK Data Service, within the scope of the research data policy of the UK's Economic and Social Research Council. Veerle also leads research and development projects on data management and sharing, as well as research data infrastructure developments. She has many years of experience in interdisciplinary research, studying interactions between rural communities and the environment in Namibia, Senegal, Ecuador, Trinidad and Scotland.