Preparation, deposition, preservation

Invitation: pdf (only in Slovenian)
When: Wednesday, December 10th 2014, 9 am – 4 pm
Where: Faculty of Social Sciences, Kardeljeva ploščad 5, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Twitter: #fosteropenscience

The seminar is aiming to acquaint researchers with different aspects of research data management planning. The introduction lectures will provide participants with the information on open access and open data in Slovenia, as well as in the broader European context. These will be followed up by lectures on research data management, RDM tools and on the aspects of research, which are needed to achieve an open access to research data (consent, confidentiality and disclosure).

Workshop will introduce the Horizon 2020 guidelines and principles on data management and will offer support for its implementation in future EU projects.

Slovenian lecturers will introduce Slovenian research data context. Presenters from the UK will share their extensive research data experience from both their country and the international field.

The seminar is designed for data creators, namely researchers from the field of social sciences.